Vaanara_ The Cup Of Elixir

Ever experienced a journey of absolutely divine flavors? To be specific the flavors that have the ability to get ‘WAAH’ out of your mouth right after you have its sip.

And if you are still away from such an experience then what are you waiting for?

Vaanara is ready to fill up that blank of taste.

Vaanara is the best tea/coffee brand in India. The exotic flavors are to die for and if I talk about the after-taste, oh my holy god, there is no word to do justice to it.

Vaanara tea, prepared by the fine class of artisans with the organic process. It holds elements such as lotus petals, White Jasmine, Korean ginseng, Himalayan sun turmeric, mixed with the taste of Himalayan ginger cloves, and cardamom. It is a special diabetic tea as it aids in regulating sugar with its anti-diabetic Ayurvedic ingredients. Helps to achieve and maintain youthful glow and vitality on your face. It acts as an Immunity booster, and helps in healthy Cardiac functioning, keeping flu syndromes away, helps in weight loss.

Coming onto the Vaanara Coffee, the coffee beans are straight away extracted from the mountains of Taiwan and blended by the artisans themselves. It contains Robusta, Arabica, and Chicory, they benefit your complete body, aids in weight loss, lower downs the risk of type-2 diabetes, anti-depressant and lowers the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

The brand stands for Royalty, Organic processing, and Luxury. It is one of the best organic tea available in India.

So, order and bring home a pack of luxury.

Click here to order as it is now available online in India.

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