Vaanara Launching In India For The First Time

Luxury ape is set to launch the Luxury edition of Vaanara in India. The tea industry is 172 years old, and we are just following the legacy by launching tea and coffee.

India is considered one of the largest producers of the finest tea in the world. Tea and coffee are some of the most common and preferred beverages consumed in Indian households. This scenario entails competition between the sellers but Vaanara has shined out as a star because of its ingredients and organic process.

The X factor of the brand is the touch of Royalty which it never fails to maintain and fulfills so gracefully. Royalty and supremacy are something Indians have in their blood, keeping that in mind we wanted to portray that through the launch of Vaanara.

If Royalty is the heart of India then it would not be wrong to say that Ayurveda is the sole. India gave birth to Ayurveda and countless benefits can be extracted from them so we thought why to stay behind and used as many ingredients as possible.

Talking about the TEA it contains elements such as lotus petals, White Jasmine, Korean ginseng, Himalayan sun turmeric, mixed with the taste of Himalayan ginger cloves, and cardamom. It is a special diabetic tea as it aids in regulating sugar with its anti-diabetic Ayurvedic ingredients. Helps to achieve and maintain youthful glow and vitality on your face. It acts as an Immunity booster, and helps in healthy Cardiac functioning, keeping flu syndromes away, helps in weight loss.

Moving on to the COFFEE, it is the amalgamation of Robusta, Arabica, and Chicory. They benefit your complete body, aids in weight loss, lower downs the risk of type-2 diabetes, anti-depressant and lowers the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

So, the perks of purchasing from the brand are unlimited, be it skin benefits or health Vaanra satisfy all the areas. It is available online and you can buy it from e-commerce sites including Flipkart and eBay.

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