Top tea brands in India

India since ages have been a country of “Chai Lovers”. No matter how many new discoveries in drinks take place but we have non-detachable strings attached to TEA. Today, let’s talk about some of the best tea brands in India.


Vaanara is considered to be the best tea in the world it is owned by the luxury ape. The delightful and unique flavors are what make it different from the slot. The talk of the praise is how beautifully the tea offers multiple numbers of advantages to the drinkers. Vaanara Tea aids in regulating sugar with its anti-diabetic Ayurvedic ingredients. It helps you to acquire a youthful glow and vitality. The qualities are uncountable, acts as an Immunity booster, and help in healthy Cardiac functioning, keeping flu syndromes away, helps in weight management. The tasting of the tea in itself is a hypnotizing and lucious venture. The rich aroma is beyond words and keeps both taste and health in mind. Buy it from here:


TWG has 800 different single estates, tea blends, and fine harvests from all tea-producing countries. The main idea is to maintain the highest quality and freshness of the flavors. The brand discovered in the year 2007, it is the Singaporean teahouse chain.


Dilamah as a brand puts emphasis on how to make tea without harming nature. This led them to follow all the steps to process the tea ethically, by picking out the finest ingredients for it from their fresh gardens. They guarantee the goodness of nature in every cup.


It is an online tea shop that serves every day. They are extracted from the gardens and plantation of Darjeeling and Nilgiris. They believe that their brand stands for well-being, bringing people together and enhancing even the simple moments of the day.


It was established to promote luxury in the form of tea. The connoisseurs all across the world propose that India is an unmatched country in the area of flavors. Their tea is produced directly from the plantations within 24-28 hours of production and then is packed freshly from there and shipped to the destination. The tea is made not only from the plants but also from the passion and love that the growers put while the processing.

So do taste all the top tea brands and let us know which one liked the most.

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