India’s Best Organic Tea

Humans have been the searchers of organic tea for many years, and it’s understood why.

The benefits of organic tea are multiple and unmatched than that of regular tea. Not only for us but it is highly beneficial for the environment as well,

the planet is already suffering a lot so why to harm it more.

By keeping all these thoughts in mind we launched VAANARA TEA. The tea is manufactured organically by the finest class of artisans and is recognized as a luxury tea brand in India. On the other hand, non-organic tea is full of pesticides, and are likely to harm your health. So, let’s not wait and quickly move on to the benefits of the tea.

The tea is a powerhouse of health benefits, it is a special diabetic tea as it aids in regulating sugar with its anti-diabetic Ayurvedic ingredients. Helps to achieve and maintain youthful glow and vitality on your face. It acts as an Immunity booster, and helps in healthy Cardiac functioning, keeping flu syndromes away, helps in weight loss.

It contains ginger & turmeric that increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. Ashwagandha helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Heart problems are what people face at a particular age but they can be prevented by cinnamon that is present in Vaanara.

We can go on-and-on with listing the benefits. Tulsi another fantastic ingredient helps to provide relief in cough, sinus, flu, etc. the lotus and rose petals maintain the level of sugar in the body and break down the unwanted fat as well.

Vaanara is produced using hand-picked tea leaves that grow in youthful bloom and carefully mixed with lotus petals, White Jasmine, Korean ginseng, Himalayan sun turmeric, mixed with the taste of Himalayan ginger cloves and cardamom. They enhance the goodness of the tea. Additionally, supports nature with its all-natural all-normal biodegradable bamboo box, the Vaanara tea initiative empowers village cottage industries supporting women weavers and eliminating several chains of unnecessary middlemen. We constantly work on micro issues like nature and health and no animal cruelty throughout the manufacturing of our product.

So, stop waiting to start ordering online. Have a sip of the tea and experience the journey to another world.

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