Tea is not just a hot liquid poured in a cup, it is way more than that. A cup of tea witnesses thousands of stories, tales of love, heartbreaks, meetings, family gatherings, and many more. It would not be wrong to say that it has become a part of our lives.

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From being a family beverage to a date beverage the ‘Chai’ or tea has become an emotion for the people of India. With the passing time the chai has evolved and started to come in various forms, be it green tea, black tea, herbal tea, oolong, white tea, yellow tea, fermented tea etc.

Has the aroma of freshly brewed coffee ever detracted you from your path, inviting you to enjoy a cup before heading out? Have you or has someone you know ever claimed that coffee is the drink of the Gods? We all know someone who claims that their morning doesn’t start till their first cup of coffee. Have you ever been told that coffee helps reduce weight?