Best Organic Tea Brands Of India

From being a family beverage to a date beverage the ‘Chai’ or tea has become an emotion for the people of India. With the passing time the chai has evolved and started to come in various forms, be it green tea, black tea, herbal tea, oolong, white tea, yellow tea, fermented tea etc.

Delicious blend of flavors doesn’t only bear in the mind of drinkers but also have started to focus on the health, this has led to the discovery of organic teas. So to protect your heart and make you experience the journey of didvine flavors we have brought the list of best organic tea brands.

Vaanara Tea

Vaanara Tea is blended with rare herbs and handpicked edible flower extracts, ginseng, curcumin and ginger roots. The tea is mixed and fused with Organic Himalayan Turmeric that is full of adaptogens that help the body acclimate, or adapt to stressful situations through hormone regulation. Ashwagandha has been added extensively for its ability to support cognitive function and memory, while tulsi, clove, ginger has been used for their ability to assist in fighting cold flu infections and boosting the immune system, and helping to reduce fatigue, anxiety and overall occurrence of diseases. All these qualities makes it the best organic tea.

The ginger root reduces nausea and morning sickness, also acts in making the tea taste just like a mummy’s blessing or fathers pat on your back or simply a kiss of first love!

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Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

The tea is stone grounded and extracted from the pristine farms of Kyoto.and they guarantee that every batch is approved from the Japnese tea masters. After you drink it it instantly makes you more alert, focused and calm with it’s fresh and premium taste. The tea detoxify your body, lowers the level of cholesterol and boosts your metabolism.

Cup Of Joy Tea Blend

The tea contains Ink red rose petals and yellow chrysanthemum flowers. These ingredients are great for skin, liver and eyes health. They carries the anti-anxiety and anti-aging properties as well. On top of all this the organic tea prevents the respiratory disorders, repleninshes fever and relieves stress.

Timeless Tea Tin

A twirling swirl of flavors, this exemplary dark tea, mixed with an energetic bunch of hibiscus and brilliant blossoms, turns around the hands of time, delivering an invigorating cup with a waiting flower trailing sensation. It is an absolute necessity have for those who crave for organic tea.

Silver Needles White Tea

Silver Needles White Tea is one of the most delicate teas, coming to the processing part it is prepared by rolling out the leaves to form the silver wiry needles. It has a fruity aroma that spreads out in the whole place wherever kept. People who concentrate on their health and wants to maintain it can opt for this option.

Darjeeling First Flush

The tea is renowned as ‘the queen’ it is handpicked during the months of March and April. The leaves used are popular across all over the world for it’s sophisticated taste and aroma. The specialty of the tea is that is processed with the same old school methods by keeping in mind the natural and authenticity of Darjeeling.



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