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Tea is not just a hot liquid poured in a cup, it is way more than that. A cup of tea witnesses thousands of stories, tales of love, heartbreaks, meetings, family gatherings, and many more. It would not be wrong to say that it has become a part of our lives.

Enchanting flavors are what the tea lovers hunt for, to all the hunters your search is over as Vaanara is exactly your cup of tea.

Luxuryape launched its tea Vaanara and the tea garnered it the position of becoming one of the best online tea boutiques. The Vaanara Tea is whisked with rare herbs and top of the line edible flower extracts, ginseng, curcumin, and ginger roots. The tea is assorted and melded with Organic Himalayan Turmeric, it is full of adaptogens that help your body acclimates, also helps you to get out of stressful situations through hormone regulation. It is an exotic diabetic tea that has the specialty of aiding sugar with its anti-diabetic Ayurvedic ingredients. A surefire way to achieve and maintain a youthful glowing face. Not only this acts as an Immunity booster, maintains healthy Cardiac functioning, keeping flu syndromes away, and has proven to be helpful in losing weight.

The ashwagandha is used extensively in the tea as it supports cognitive functioning and memory, while tulsi, clove, ginger are used for their ability to fight infections such as cold flu on top it even boosts the immune system and helps to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and overall occurrence of diseases. All these qualities made it the top tea brand and also the best online tea selling website. The ginger root present in the tea reduces morning sickness and nausea.

The tea is available online on Flipkart and eBay so don’t miss the opportunity to bring the royal treat to your doorstep.

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