Royale Ancient Story of Vaanara Tea

(from the house finest class of Luxury Tea)

The mystic secret behind youth exuberating “VAANARA TEA “could no  longer remain hidden and years of study and research wasput  into forgotten scriptures holding the profund elixir of health , vitality and energy   ..Long lost and regained emotional  passion gave birth to Vaanara Tea , Ancient secret to strength and health.

The Taste and rich tea in each sip of hot Vaanara Tea takes you on a timeless and spaceless ,The vision had its seed in ancient forefathers who were ever strong , youthful and energetic . Vaanara Tea, from the house of finest class of luxury tea, isan elixir of carefully picked teas, ancient rare herbs which would steam into a plethora of benefits for the mind, soul and body.

A plausible dive into the natural ingredients, We, in the house of finest class of luxury Vaanara tea crafted to satisfy every palate and every craving, keeping in mind the health. Whether you’re looking to treat it with sugar, jaggery or honey or wish to indulge in something more invigorating and aromatic experience, our unique rare herbs of passion and rich plucked tea leaves and rare blend of ingredients we take immense pride in a special cup for every mood.


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